Squarespace 7 Template Comparison Chart

Compare all features of all 41 templates in one handy grid.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of all Squarespace 7 templates (and template families) and their features, including legacy Squarespace 6 templates that are still active and all of the templates made just for Squarespace Seven. Since Squarespace now focuses on developing the new template families instead of the older “one-off” templates, I have included release dates for each template, plus indicator where a template is part of a family. For more info about template families, you can check out my Squarespace Template Bible.

IMPORTANT: don’t forget to read the notes below the chart, too.

Newly updated for Nov 2017 – chart includes new feature comparisons

In fact, there are so many new features in the chart, I’ve had to split it into two parts in order to fit on this page. I plan to include a fully responsive mobile-friendly version of this chart when I move my website (a work in progress!) but in the meantime, I wanted to publish this update.

Template Families:

If you don’t see your template’s name listed in the chart below, that’s because it’s part of a template family. All templates in a family share the exact same characteristics. Here is the list of all family-based templates:

  • Aviator Family: Aviator, Aubrey, and Encore
  • Bedford Family: Bedford, Anya, Bryant, and Hayden
  • Brine Family: Brine, Aria, Basil, Burke, Cacao, Clay, Ethan, Fairfield, Feed, Foster, Greenwich, Hatch, Heights, Hunter, Hyde, Jaunt, Juke, Keene, Maple, Margot, Marta, Mentor, Mercer, Miller, Mojave, Moksha, Motto, Nueva, Polaris, Rally, Rover, Sofia, Sonny, Sonora, Thorne, Wav, and West
  • Farro Family: Farro and Haute
  • Montauk Family: Montauk, Julia, Kent, and Om
  • Pacific Family: Charlotte, Fulton, Horizon, and Naomi
  • Skye Family: Skye, Foundry, Indigo, Ready, and Tudor
  • Tremont Family: Tremont, Camino, Carson, and Henson
  • York Family: York, Artesia, Flores, Harris, Jasper, Jones, Lange and Shibori

Chart updated as of 2 Nov 2017

TemplateAdirondackAvenueAviator (F)Bedford (F)Brine (F)Farro (F)FiveFlatironForteGalapagosIshimoto
Release Date2013 Early2012 Mid2012 Late2014 Early2015 Late2016 Early2012 Late2012 Mid2013 Late2013 Late2012 Mid
Scale of style controlLLMLXXLXLLMXSSM
Special PagesNoneIndex GridHome (Info Page)Index ScrollIndex Scroll, Product, GalleryBlog, ProductNOIndex GridIndex SlidesStore (Masonry)Gallery
Sidebar(s)NOBlogNOBlogNONOAny page, 2 sidebarsNOBlogBlog+Blog+
Banner ImagesYES – no overlay. Not on Album/Gallery.NONOYES – overlay page title/desc and link button. Not on Album.YES – overlay any blockNO (except blog posts)YES – overlay page or site title/descNONONONO
Show Page Titles/DescBelow bannerNONOBanner overlay+NONOBanner overlay+NONONONO
Main NavHoriz *HorizHoriz / VertHoriz *Horiz *++Horiz *++Horiz *HorizHoriz *Horiz *Horiz
Other NavFolder, Footer, Product CategoryIndex Item Grid, Product CategoryProduct CategoryFooter, Folder (Vert), Product Category (Vert)2nd Header+, Footer, Product Category, Product nav.2nd Header+, Footer, Product Category, Product nav.Product CategoryIndex, Product CategoryProduct CategoryFooter, Product CategoryProduct Category
Fixed NavbarDesktopNODesktop (vertical only)NOMobile +Mobile +NODesktop + (header and footer)NONOFooter
Nav IconsBurger+, Search, Cart, Contact, MapSocial (Footer)Social+ (Footer)NoneSocial+, Search+, Cart+Social+, Search+, Cart+Social+Social+ (Footer)Social+NoneSocial+ (Footer)
Mobile Style ControlNoneNoneSNoneLLNoneNoneNoneSNone
Index FeaturesN/AThumbnail grid, any page typeN/AStacked scroll (optional bg images), standard page only.Stacked scroll (optional bg images), Gallery or standard page only.N/AN/AMasonry thumbnail grid w/ hover, any page type.Full screen slideshow, any page type.N/AN/A
Store FeaturesProduct detail banner imagesNoneNoneNoneBreadcrumb nav, many controlsBreadcrumb nav, many controlsNoneNoneNoneQuick View Lightbox, Breadcrumb navNone
Product Image DisplaySlideshow+SlideshowSlideshowSlideshowStacked or slide w/ hover zoomStacked or slide w/ hover zoomSlideshowSlideshowSlideshowStackedSlideshow
Gallery Page LayoutGrid + / Slide +SlideGrid +Grid + / Slide +Stacked+, Grid+, Masonry+, Slide+Grid + / Slide +Grid + / Slide +Masonry gridHoriz scrollGrid + / Slide +Horiz scroll
Blog HomeList, no thumbsList, no thumbsList, no thumbsList, no thumbs. Featured posts banner slideshowList or grid w/ thumbs +, many controls.Full screen grid+, stacked+ or masonry+. Infinite scroll, many controls.List, square thumbList, no thumbsList, no thumbsList, no thumbsList, large thumb (no crop).
Blog Post FeaturesPost banner imagesPromoted BlocksPromoted BlocksPost banner images w/ title/date overlayCustom social icons. No code injection.Thumb as banner+. Related posts. Side post nav +. Featured post.LocationPromoted BlocksNoneNonePromoted Blocks
Other FeaturesHeader animationPage-specific header/footerSitewide canvas background imageLast nav item button, 2 footersParallax scrolling +. Page-specific header. Tagline in header. Separate Gallery styles for Indexes.Page-specific header. Special font on blog intro paragraph.Sitewide default banner image. Page-specific header/footer. Tagline in header.Zoom/mouseover animation on Index gridNavbar dark/light color-sensing.NONO
TemplateMomentumMontauk (F)NativePacific (F)Skye (F)SupplyTremont (F)WellsWexleyYork (F)
Release Date2012 Mid2012 Late2012 Mid2014 Mid2016 Early2013 Late2016 Late2012 Mid2012 Mid2016 Early
Scale of style controlSMSMLXSXLSSXL
Special PagesIndex Slides, GalleryIndex GridNOIndex ScrollBlogIndex Grid, ProductIndex Slides, Product, GalleryNONOIndex Portfolio (Project Galleries)
Banner ImagesNOYES – overlay page title/desc (no crop). Not on Album/Gallery/Store.NOYES – overlay page title/descNO (except blog posts)YES – vertical side strip. Not on Products/Gallery.Project banners as full screen slide rollovers.NONOYES – overlay page title/desc. Not on Gallery. Project banners as stacked nav.
Show Page Titles/DescBelow banner +Banner overlay+NOBanner overlay+NONOAnimated banner overlay+NONOBanner overlay+*
Main NavHoriz (top or bottom)Horiz / VertHorizHoriz or BurgerBurgerVertHoriz / VertVertHorizHoriz+
Other NavProduct CategoryIndex, Product CategoryProduct CategoryFooter, Product Category, Blog Category+Footer, Product Category+2nd Vert, Product CategoryIndex, Product Category++, Product nav.2nd Vert, Product Category (Horiz)NONE2nd horiz, stacked Index portfolio, Product Category ++
Fixed NavbarYESNONOYES – Index only Desktop, or Burger (both).YES – bothDesktopNODesktopNOMobile +
Nav IconsSocial+, Index Display.Social (Footer)Social+ (Footer)NoneSocial+, search+, cart+Social+Rollover images, Social+, CartSocial+Social+Cart
Mobile Style ControlNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneXSNoneNoneXSL
Index FeaturesFull screen slideshow, Gallery pages only.Thumbnail grid, any page typeN/AStacked scroll (optional bg images), Album, Gallery or standard page only.N/AThumbnail grid w/ hover, any page type.Full screen slides w/ hover, any page type.N/AN/AThumbnail (grid, stacked slide or masonry), any page type.
Store FeaturesNoneNoneNoneNoneBreadcrumb nav, many controlsFull-width masonry grid +. Breadcrumb nav.Breadcrumb nav, many controlsNoneNoneBreadcrumb & Product nav.
Product Image DisplaySlideshowSlideshowSlideshowSlideshowStacked or slide w/ hover zoomStacked scrollStacked or slide w/ hover zoomSlideshowSlideshowStacked or slide w/ hover zoom
Gallery Page LayoutSlide & Grid *Grid *Grid + / Slide +Grid + / Slide +Grid + / Slide +Stacked scrollStacked, grid or masonry, many controls.Slide & Grid *Slide & Grid *Slide + / Grid + or Project with captions
Blog HomeList, no thumbsList, no thumbsList, circle thumbsList, large thumb (no crop). Category nav.Grid, infinite scroll+List, no thumbsList or grid, many controls.List, large thumb (no crop).List, no thumbsGrid or list, with flexible thumbs.
Blog Post FeaturesPromoted BlocksPromoted BlocksPromoted BlocksNoneThumb as banner+, related posts, author bio, custom social icons, post length indicator.Thumb as vertical side strip. Promoted Blocks.Custom social icons. No code injection.Promoted BlocksPromoted BlocksPost nav+. Custom social icons.
Other FeaturesCanvas background imagePage-specific footer. Tagline, address or custom text in header.NO2 footers. Biz info in footer.Blocks in popout burger nav tray.Site tagline below logo. Banner on Events.Page overlay with animation. Tagline in header. Optional footer.NOPage-specific header.Page animation. Page-specific header. Tagline in header.


  • (F) means this is a template family with several templates in it; refer to the list of all family-based templates above the chart
  • Symbol key:
    means the item is adjustable
    * means the item has something special about it
    / means either or: you can choose which one
  • BG means as a background image
  • Scale of control refers to how many design elements and how much they can be controlled through the standard Squarespace Style Editor, without needing custom coding skills. XS = Extra Small, S = Small, M = Medium, L = Large, and XL = Extra Large. See example here >
  • Per Page Header means you can add content blocks above the normal content area on a page-by-page basis
  • Fixed Navbar means that the navigation bar will stay visible even after you scroll down the page.
  • Other Navigation refers to whether there is any built-in navigation aside from the main navbar, and if so, where it applies. For example, Folder means that if you add a Folder to your website, a second navbar will appear when you are viewing pages within that Folder, to navigate to other pages within it.
  • Social Icons refers to whether there are social media icons built into the template (if not, you can add them to your pages using a Social Block).
  • Page Titles refers to whether the Page Title and Page Description that you set using Page Settings will be shown on the page.
  • Lg Orig Aspect means the image will be shown in the original aspect ratio at a large size.

If you have any questions about anything else, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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Looking for Cover Page templates? Here’s my Squarespace Cover Page layout comparison chart.

Pretty please remember: although I’m happy for you to share the link to this page, please don’t reproduce this table anywhere without my permission. It has taken me a lot of time and effort to go through all 36 templates and analyse them. Thank you for your support 🙂

A note on refreshed / discontinued templates: Squarespace regularly refresh their templates, including discontinuing some. I include links to my analyses of the recently discontinued templates at the bottom of this page, below the chart. I try my best to updated the list of features for active templates, but I can’t always stay on top of every change. Therefore, the chart and analyses are accurate at the time of writing, but if you find something missing/wrong, please leave a comment to let me know what’s changed.

This is an update to my earlier chart showing all of the Squarespace 6 templates along with detailed analyses of each. As Squarespace now provide their own template feature analysis on their help pages, I have not made analysis pages for the new templates since 2016. You can use the Squarespace help pages to find out more detail about each template.

Discontinued Templates

If you were lucky enough to install the following templates before they were discontinued, you can still use them. In case you fall into that category, here are links to my analyses of some of the templates that have been discontinued since 2013:

Atelier, Beatrice, Boutique, Devlin, Dovetail, Frontrow, Hudson, Peak, Takk (list of all discontinued Squarespace templates)

  1. Jo

    Thank you for this very handy and informative analysis. I am just about to create a website with Squarespace (well attempt to create one myself anyway) and stumbled upon your site.

    I think you have saved me quite a bit of time!

    Thanks again for all of the work you have put into this for the benefit of others. Much appreciated
    Jo x

  2. Thanks Miko for that very helpful chart and your time-consuming and detailed work!
    It would be handy if squarespace offered something like that for making it a bit easier to choose a template that suits one´s needs.
    I´m quite happy with Flatiron at the moment.

  3. You just saved me HOURS Of time!! Thank you so much! I have been using your SqSp 6 chart for several months and couldn’t believe you had the 7 version there when I checked today!! You are a blessing! Thanks!

  4. Jason

    Thank you so much for putting this together. I’ve come across some conflicting finding. I’ve found some of this data to be inaccurate.

    Example #1: Five does have folders.

    Example #2: Bedford does have social icons.

    I’m more than positive that there are more I just don’t have the time at the moment to go through them all. Please double check this matrix.

    Thanks again!

  5. @Jason: I think you may be confusing some things regarding the chart… when you say “Five does have folders” – yes, that’s absolutely true. All Squarespace templates can have folders. What the chart refers to is whether there is any secondary navigation that comes with that function. In the case of Five, there isn’t. Likewise, the chart is referring to whether social icons come as default in the header/footer of the template, not whether you can add social icons using a Social Block. You can do the latter in any template. However, Bedford does not come with social icons built into the template’s header or footer. Hope that helps.

  6. WhizWith

    Thank you so much for doing this. If I am reading the grid correctly, if you wanted to have a main header image for the concept, but then a scrolling gallery of examples (with descriptions), would Hayden make a good choice because it has the index scroll under special pages vs Five, which does not? Or should I try to find a template like Avenue, but with a header image?

  7. @WhizWith

    If you want a Gallery with descriptions, you don’t need an Index. An Index is a container for multiple pages, so you’d only need that if you want to have lots of pages stacked vertically on top of each other, resulting in a long vertical scrolling page (see the Marquee homepage). If all you need is images, you can achieve this with a Gallery in any template that allows you to set a Gallery to have a vertical stacked view. Or you could just have a normal page and insert a Gallery Block, and make that into Stacked view. See here: http://help.squarespace.com/guides/using-the-stacked-gallery-block

    That is, of course, if you are talking about VERTICAL scrolling. If you are talking about HORIZONTAL scrolling, then you are talking about a slideshow (not scroll). In which case, choose any template that shows Slide in the above list, or use a Gallery Block and select Slideshow view. See here:

  8. elizabeth martin

    I’m new to Squarespace and have a question that’s probably stupid. Are there free Squarespace templates? If so, which ones are free? I normally build sites off of Shopify and they distinguish between free and non-free websites. It doesn’t look like Squarespace does. Please help! Any info about templates would be great.

  9. @Elizabeth: all of the templates that come with Squarespace are free. There are some developers outside of Squarespace who can make templates for Squarespace, and those would cost money, but any template you see when inside the Squarespace system – that is, all of the templates in this comparison chart – are free.

  10. Justin Bryant

    Regarding the scale of control column: Which end of the spectrum means that you have control over more design details — Extra Small or Extra Large? I’m interested in having more design control, but then again I’m using Squarespace because of it’s drag/drop functionality as I’m not a developer and have very limited CSS/code knowledge.

  11. @Justin: Extra Large means large (greater) level of control. XL usually means that the individual elements can be controlled separately. For example, you’ll have one control for Body text style, and another for Footer text style. An XS template would probably just have 1 control for Text style, and the Footer text would be set by that. An XL might have individual styles for Heading 1, Heading 2 & Heading 3, but the XS would just have 1 for Headings. Hope that helps.

  12. Mary Lou

    THANK YOU. This is marvelous!! I have written to Squarepsace support at least twice asking for something like this and THEY DON’T HAVE ONE!!!

  13. VJ

    Hi Miko cool doing that thanks a lot. Its very helpful and I was fiddeling around already 3 days now so your page helped me. Just one question what is promoted blocks?

  14. Thanks for this very useful resource, great work. Just wondered if it might be possible to add sites which allow you to set canvas width. Five does; I’d like to try any others, but there’s currently no way to know which they are. I would love to know that.

  15. Thank you for this chart. I am actually very confused. I am currently hosting my blog on blogger but I adore squarespace and I want to transfer my blog to the Avenue template but whilst I can import my blog I want each post to show up in the Avenue home page and I don’t know if I can do this without a huge amount of work. Any help here would be amazing. Dom

  16. @Dom: You can use a Summary Block to pull in your blog posts and display them on any page. However, if you are talking about having blog posts on the Index Page, that’s not possible. An Index is a special kind of page, and that’s what is used on the Avenue demo site. But if all you want is to have your blog posts appear in a grid that looks like the Avenue homepage, then use a Summary Block and set it to Grid style.

  17. Melissa

    Can you recommend a good template for bloggers. I don’t need commerce, a photo gallery, etc. Just basic blogging

  18. BChambers

    Thank you *so* much for this! I’m still a bit at sea, though — I’m afraid I don’t understand a lot of the options you’ve so carefully delineated. Poking around your chart and the various templates, it’s still not clear to me whether I could use Squarespace to host a literary journal, with 40 separate HTML pages of archived fiction, and more to be added as new “issues” are released. I feel like the answer’s right in front of my nose, but I’m just not seeing it — what do you think? Am I better off with WP?

  19. Amy

    Thank you so much for this chart! I’m just getting started with Squarespace after finding that WordPress isn’t easy to customize without me learning a lot of programming.

    One question: you say that Hayden has a fixed navigation bar, but mine is not staying fixed (I copied the demo and am starting with that). I don’t see how to change that the navigation to fixed. Can you point me to that?

    Thanks again!

  20. @BChambers: I can’t really tell exactly what you need without doing some further investigation into your specific needs… while I’m happy to give simple advice/tips, that would be free consultancy (sorry – a gal’s gotta eat :-). But I think perhaps you could use the Blog functionality to do what you are talking about and then maybe also use some Summary Blocks.

  21. @Melissa: You could have a blog in any template, so what you need to consider is whether you want a sidebar for your blog, and how you want it to look. All demo sites come with a blog example so the best thing to do is look around the sample blogs on the different Squarespace demo sites and use that as your guide.

  22. Jane

    Thank you for this chart and your site – it’s really helpful 🙂
    I have just bought your book and am reading through it. I’m at the stage of choosing a template and am trying to get my head round the differences.
    I think Hayden may be a variant of Bedford, rather than Pacific as you have in your chart?

  23. Shawn Wallwork

    Jason this is fantastic! I copy/pasted your table into Excel, turned on filters and narrowed my search in just a couple of minutes. You the best!



  24. Emilio from Acumen

    Thanks a lot, your chart was amazing at getting my bearings for getting started.


  25. Ari

    Thank you for doing this lifting for us, Miko! I noticed that the SqSp page is organized by categories such as “Businesses,” “Restaurants,” and “Musicians.” Is it possible to post music files on non-“Musician” templates? Also, may the music be stored anywhere, or must it be on Soundcloud?
    Thanks for any knowledge you can share.

  26. Jonathan Arlook

    I have helped several friends and acquaintances create Squarespace websites, but nothing recently. I just chanced upon this page since I am considering helping out once again but was stymied by the vast set of new templates. So … what a wonderful thing you have compiled here. Well done. Bravo. Kudos. Plaudits. Really, I am so delighted I could go on, but work calls. Truly, thanks.

  27. Lee

    Thank you so much for creating this chart! I copied it into a google spreadsheet, froze the first row, and then used the filter function to narrow down to the half dozen or so templates that had the characteristics I’m looking for. Thank you for making that VERY easy!


  28. Susanne

    This is such a great piece of work – thank you VERY much!

    I am looking for a great template only for blogging (no website) I am going to be blogging daily with a mix of pictures and text (not just few describing words but actual text blocks. Can you recommend any?

    I follow designer Elle & Company and I know that she uses Galapagos for all her design work. And here I see that you classify it XS for ‘scale of control ‘ which scares me a little. Also I have been looking at Native, because it also looks quite simple – and that one classifies S for ‘scale of control’. How exactly does it influence those two templates that they are (so) low in terms of control? Will they still be suitable for a regular lifestyle blog with pictures and text paragraphs?

    Can you (or anybody) else recommend great templates for (lifestyle) blogging with pictures (large but not necessarily from edge to edge of the screen) + medium/longer text paragrafphs?

    Kind Regards!

  29. @Anna: Sorry for the delay, it’s been a busy few weeks! You’ve probably already figured it out, but if not, go to Home > Design > Style Editor, and you’ll see Logo Width under Site Header. Just drag the slider to make it bigger.

  30. @Phil: Oops – good catch! I meant to say BOUTIQUE not Devlin. I have updated the chart accordingly. Devlin is indeed a current template; it’s Boutique that has been retired.

  31. @Ari: You can host music files on Squarespace; they don’t need to be on Soudcloud (you upload them to your Squarespace site using an Audio Block). You can put music on any site template.

  32. Jonnathan

    Miko, I can’t thank you enough for putting this all together. It was quite a task no doubt. I’ve bookmarked your site and will return for sure!

  33. Wow. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for all your effort in creating this grid. I am a designer and am going to use squarespace for the first time for a client and I was so overwhelmed with all the choices at first and trying to keep track of the features so this saved me so much time and stress. You rock, thank you!!

  34. Ellen

    I just ordered your book from Amazon, but didn’t see a chart in the book like this in the TOC. Very cool.
    I’m hoping to find a template that is appropriate for small financial and legal services firms with a ton of flexibility.
    You never know what they’ll want to be moved. Bedford had been my first choice, but now I see flexibility is rated XS. Does that just apply to text styles?

  35. Hi Ellen,

    The chart is in the Appendices at the back of the book. XS means the overall level of design control, so it means the ability to do things like have different fonts for Headings 1,2,3 or the ability to move the logo around (left, right or center) and whatnot. I can’t go into the precise controls you have with each template or else the chart and my website would be miles long… and I would probably pass out ;-). The best thing to do is install a few templates, play with them, and then decide.

    Best of luck,

  36. Jade

    Hi, kudos for summarising the features of the Squarespace templates.
    Could you comment/suggest a suitable template for events? Need dates to be displayed on the thumbnails with the option to be viewed as list/grid. Thank you.
    Great work!

  37. @Jade: All templates will display events in either calendar or list format. You could also use a Summary Block to display events in other ways if you don’t like the default displays (calendar or list). Again, Summary Blocks can be used with any template.

  38. Hi Miko,

    Thank you so much for putting this chart together. You are so kind to take the time to create this and share with everyone. I am currently using the Wexley template and want to know how to make my header and footer width wider or bleed across the page. Is this even possible with Wexley?

    Thank you so much for your help.


  39. Just curious…what template did you choose?
    Thank you for providing your comparison charts of squarespace templates.
    I’m still having a hard time choosing, but I appreciate your generosity!

  40. Thanks for the excellent chart. Have you looked at the new Thorne template? It’s quite capable and maybe the best looking yet. I’m wondering how it compares to FIVE.

  41. I swear I was JUST about to create this for myself, wondering why it wasn’t searchable through SS help. Last-minute nudge to put in the google box and voila! THANK YOU!!!

  42. Susanne

    Hi Miko

    Thanks for your great chart!! What a wonderful piece of work;-)

    I am about to choose a template and saw your comment about you being on the way with an updated chart (weeeeeee!!) Do you know when you plan to post the updated version?

    I have a different question or you. I tried to write to the Squarespace support a while ago but I either did something wrong or they didn’t want to answer my question. Maybe you can help;-) I plan on having a blog in two languages so that when you enter the home page you choose which language (in the upper right corner like a lot of commercial sites have this option). Do you know how I should do this the best way?

    Do you know where I should write to (an email address?) to get support from Squarespace?

    What system for comments do you use (doesn’t look like Squarespace)?

    Kind regards!

  43. @Susanne: I am hoping to have the updated chart within the next week or so. Regarding your multi-lingual question, the easiest way to do this would be to create 2 separate Blog Pages: one for English and the other for French (or whatever). Then, you can go into Blog Settings for each of these and change the Navigation Name for each Blog to be the name of the language (English for the English and Français for the French). This will make the menu items say English and Français. The menu will appear in whichever location is set by your template. For example, the Marquee template would show this in the top right. Another approach would be to use a template that allows you to have buttons on the main banner image, such as Bedford, and then put links to the different languages there.

    With regard to the grey line dividers, those are simply Line Blocks so they can be used in any template.

    Lastly, should you need to contact Squarespace support, the best thing is to log into your site, then click on the HELP link at the bottom of the interface menu, and open a Support Ticket. Here’s a shortcut (make sure you login to Squarespace first as they give prioity to registered customers). https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

  44. Susanne

    Thanks for your answer. I will be looking forward to the updated chart;-)

    I am not sure I understand how you suggest for me to do the multi-lingual blog… I want it something like here (http://www.garancedore.fr) where you choose language from home page. Can you say a few more words on the topic to make it easier for me ti understand (I am new to Squarespace;-)

    What system for comments do you use (doesn’t look like Squarespace)? Why do you use the one you do?

    Very kind regards!

  45. @Susanne: There’s not currently a way to do something exactly like the multilingual website you included – at least, not without professional help / custom coding. I think the easiest way to do it without help would be as I mentioned to you, which is for you to create 2 pages. Each of these is page type = Blog. You could go further and put those 2 pages into a Folder called Blog, and then when people hover on that, they can choose English or Français. If you’re not sure what that means, then you should start by reading the Squarespace help pages – try here for more info: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206795137 . I’m sorry I can’t be more specific or go into more detail, because then I would have to charge you (as consulting on these types of things is how I make my living). If you’re interested in Pay As You Go support with Squarespace, just drop me a line using my Contact Form and I would be happy to work with you: http://www.usingmyhead.com/contact/

    The comments on this site use the WordPress comment system, as this is a WordPress website (I use both platforms). My Squarespace websites can be found here: http://usingmyhead.squarespace.com and http://www.square-help.com

  46. Jeremy

    I need to create a site containing some “public” pages, accessible by anyone, and then a large section that will be password protected. From what I can see on the Squarespace site, you can either password protect an individual page, or an entire site. Is there an option that would meet my requirements? Are there any individual templates that support this functionality, or is this a Squarespace-wide functionality?

  47. @Jeremy: You’re right that technically you can only apply a password to a single page (or entire site), but there may be a workaround for you in which you use a password for 1 page but simply hide the other pages that are linked from that section. I have made a quick example for you here: http://www.square-help.com/password-page1 – use password as your password. Hope that helps!

  48. Jen

    Thank you! This is tremendously helpful Miko. You’ve saved me hours of research and indecision with your table and then further descriptions of the template.

  49. Josh

    Just want to say thanks for this. Squarespace should be doing this themselves, and it’s really great of you to take up their slack.

  50. Chad V

    The chart is all good and fine, but your consistent follow up and effort to help are what have me so impressed….. You are amazing.

    In reference to the comment about having the pages be hidden that you link to from the password protected page, this works until someone figures out what the /pagename is, correct? if someone knew that a linked page inside of the password page was “www.website.com/memberinfo” they could intentionally navigate directly in the address bar, yes?

  51. @Chad: Yes, you’re correct that someone could figure out what the URL for the ‘hidden’ page is, and in theory, could visit it. This is why the approach is a workaround and not a true solution. It would only be a viable approach if you were confident that a modest amount of hiding things was suitable for your needs. I wouldn’t recommend that approach if you had sensitive information in those hidden pages, or were charging for membership, for example.

  52. I don’t have a favourite template, as every client project is different, but I do find myself using Bedford and Marquee a lot these days (used to be Five). I think that has more to do with overall web design trends than preferences, though.

  53. Doug

    Miko, like everyone else, I really appreciate this. Very important when choosing a template! I do have some questions. When clicking on Template names on the chart, such as Bedford, you show it’s features and write that its variants are the same. However, on the chart itself, the Hayden variant actually does show a fair amount of differences with Bedford. Most particularly, Bedford has XS ‘Scale of Control’, while Hayden has M ‘Scale of Control’, yet Hayden doesn’t have “Folder – Other Navigation” nor Blog sidebars. Does this mean that there are differences and that Hayden actually has significantly more ability to be controlled via the standard Squarespace Editor, but it doesn’t have certain features of Bedford?

  54. @Doug: Well done for catching my mistake! Something must have gone haywire when I last updated the chart, as the Hayden row doesn’t match Bedford, or what it says on the analysis page. Sorry for the confusion; I will update ASAP.

  55. Barry McClatchet

    I was frustrated by some of the limitations I discovered while updating my site on a new template. Finally, I wondered if there was a comparison chart online. That’s how I discovered your outstanding work here. It was just what I needed. Thank you for your effort, time and generosity!

  56. Inge Kruikmans

    What’s up with the idiotic menu navigation designs in Squarespace? Some navigations don’t even work on a mobile (see “Native template”) and they only have so little designs with a sticky menu which really is the design standard now in 2015/16. I find is very strange that all the new designs have xl for “changeability” but the all have no sticky menu’s. Common, give every template the ability to make the header sticky! Their designs are so up to date and beautiful but this usability feature is just ignored…

  57. @Inge: Native definitely does work on mobiles, just like all other Squarespace templates (all are built using responsive design). I agree that it would be great to have some of the functions that are on just a handful of templates available on all templates (for instance, being able to have a blog sidebar or not). However, I will say that sticky menus can be implemented on most templates with some custom CSS. Not everyone likes sticky menus; there are many people who find them distracting. Also, they are not the best solution on smaller mobile devices where every pixel of screen space counts.

  58. matzebob

    Thank you very much for your work! I tried to set up a portfolio site with the Avenue Template and would like to keep the Headercontent on my subsites visible(one can only see it in the ediing mode). Do you have any idea how I can turn it back on visible?

  59. Hi Miko,
    Thanks for this very useful resource. A question about “main nav” – it says Five and the Aviator family have Horz/Vert navigation but I cannot find where to change to vertical. Am I misunderstanding the chart?
    Thanks in advance!

  60. @Julia: Five used to offer that, but it doesn’t anymore, so thanks for pointing out the mistake so I can correct it on the chart. As for Aviator, you will find it in the Style Editor in a rather confusing place: Info Page Layout. No idea why it has this ridiculous name but there you go!

  61. Hi Miko,

    I was trying to find what this template is (539f3c01e4b0273cffe23062) which is what the Namely.com website uses. I can’t find it on any table. Might you know what it is?

    Thanks so much,


  62. Susanne

    Hi Miko!

    Do you know anything about the new templates added from Squarespace after you last update?

    Kind regards!

  63. mike gibson

    Which template(s) would you recommend for initially setting up a one page website with email sign up option?

  64. Marj

    What a great chart! Just what I needed to review tomorrow with a client who’s beginning a re-build that we’ll be doing in Squarespace! Thanks so much!

  65. Thanks, Miko! I’m a total beginner at this, and I really appreciate your help. I have two more questions, please.
    First, I like the overall look of Kent, but I’d like my site to appear with a wider area of text and images and narrower margins, compared to the way the Kent desktop preview appears. Can that be manipulated? And, if so, is that the case with all the templates?
    Second, I’d like my logo to appear more prominently than what I see in many of the template previews. Even when a viewer first opens my home page on a smart phone, I’d like the logo to appear prominently (and the text in the logo to be clearly readable — without the viewer having to zoom in). Can I basically do whatever I want with the size of the logo, so that it will appear as I want it to on various devices?
    Thank you so much!

  66. Maggie

    Hello! Thanks so much for this chart. Apologies if this is answered somewhere, but what is the difference between YES, YES+, YES*, and YES+*?

    I am most interested in finding templates with a fixed navigation bar that remains visible at the top of the screen even as you scroll. Ideally it would be the type that blends in to the photograph initially and then turns into an opaque horizontal header as you scroll down (hope this makes sense). Do any of the templates have that specific effect?

    Thank you!

  67. Maggie

    Update: I did find the key where you define what + and * mean. When you say that there is “something special” about the fixed navigation for certain templates, what are some examples of what that might mean, and is there any way to find out other than to play around in each template to see? Thank you again!

  68. Clarification — your chart says Kent is a Montauk variant… ?

    Reading and watching vids on the Squarespace website, I believe my second question (about adjusting the logo size) has been answered, but I’m still not sure about the width of the area of content (as pages appear on, for example, a wide screen desktop computer).

    Thanks again,

  69. Okay, I got my question answered about site/content width. Still interested in clarification about whether Kent is a variant of Pacific or Montauk, if you get a chance. Thanks!

  70. @Maggie: I have tried to specify what exactly the “something special” is in the detailed analysis of the template (the page you get when you click on the orange name of the template), or it will be obvious by looking at the demo site or within the Style Editor when using the template. For example, on Pacific, the “special” bit is that the fixed navigation can be used to jump to different sections within a single long scrolling Index page (normally nav only takes you to different pages).

  71. @Todd: Kent is definitely a variant of Montauk. You can tell right away it’s not Pacific because of the location of the logo (Pacific can only have logos in the center).

  72. @Vida Lyn: Yes, it does. You need to be on a Blog page, then go to Style Editor. Look for Blog Styles and then choose Blog Layout (right sidebar, left sidebar or center).

  73. Tara

    First, as many before me have said… Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all the information you have included.

    My Question: I really like the huge scale of control & access to special pages on the new Hyde series of templates, but I don’t want to sell any products online (at this time). Is there a way to use a commerce site without setting up a check-out cart? I’m currently building a business website for a steel fabrication/metal building company. We have never wanted to sell things online. Our goal was to showcase the components we currently offer for sale, but not include a pricing or check-out option. My hope is that we will eventually see how much traffic this area of the site generates & look into moving towards a full online store.
    Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

  74. @Tara: You can only use the Commerce-Booster templates if you pay the Commerce (Basic or Advanced) level subscription, but there’s no need to set up eCommerce functionality if you don’t need it. So yes, you can use those templates for non-eCommerce sites. However, I can suggest having a look at the Blog-Booster templates because they also offer a lot of the same types of customisation of the Commerce-Booster templates, but are available on the cheaper subscriptions.

  75. Hi Miko,
    Great chart! Just one thing missing that you might consider especially with the new templates (Mercer etc.) are the Advanced Mobile styling features that differentiate the following templates: Brine, Clay, Hunter, Hyde, Juke, Marta, Mercer, Mojave, Nueva, Rover, Sonora, Thorne, Farro, Haute.

  76. Thank you so much for this article! I ordered your book and used your chart and was able to select a great template and get my gym website up and running in a day.
    Literally. One day.

    I am so happy! The person who designed our site previously really had no idea what she was doing and it showed in an embarrassingly unprofessional looking site.

  77. Ang

    Great resource – It’s exhausting to go through SquareSpace site to compare and contrast and see what is customizable. Thank you!

  78. Ingunn

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m about to create a new website for my consulting business and will read your information with great interest. Any suggestion on great templates for consultants? I want to include some description on my service of course but my main interest is really to share tools, resources, articles, information about my topic (human centred innovation). Make it easy accessible for companies and people interested.

  79. Vicky

    This has been a brilliant help, thank you so much!
    I first narrowed down my selection merely by look. I then selected by the functionality required from your table.
    Only one template was present in both lists, which made life so much easier!
    Btw, there was on I did like the look of but which didn’t feature in your table – Skye.
    Thanks again!

  80. To the people asking about Skye, Hayden and Om – they have been on the chart since the last update in March/April, but I put them in a different column which I can see now only confused things. I have moved all template names and variants in the family to the same far left column now.

    To the others asking why certain templates aren’t here, please read the note at the top of the page… as mentioned, I will update this as & when my time allows so the best way to be informed when that happens is to sign up to my newsletter.

    To folks asking for me to help you pick a template or give consulting advice, I’m afraid I can’t give everything away for free, so if you want me to work with you on your project, please use the Contact form.

    Thanks for all the comments and I will try my best to be more on top of them in future – it’s been a busy couple of months!

  81. Kay

    Thank you for generously providing such a wonderful tool! I might be missing something, but I don’t think that Farro has a sidebar option even just for the blog pages. Would appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

  82. Joce

    Wow, what a wonderful resource! So thorough! I’m stoked to learn there are new templates specifically created to make great blogs. Have been loving Squarespace so much (such a breeze compared to WordPress and its many potential problems and overwhelming amount of options). Now I’m wanting to specifically focus on the blog, so those “Blog-Booster” templates sound right up my alley! Now to pick one of them…and figure out what the heck “burger” is…

  83. Auset

    Thank you so much 🙂 The only suggestion for improvement that I have is >>> Please put up a donation button for you 🙂 That way, after all this tedious work, you can treat yourself to a dinner or something else nice! Take care & thanks again!

  84. This is awesome! Thank you very much!
    For the life of me, I cannot understand why Squarespace haven’t done something akin to this ready-reckoner!

  85. @Auset: Great suggestion about a donation button… I have now added one to the page, or people can buy me a coffee through Paypal here: https://www.paypal.me/MikoCoffey

    @Joce: A “burger” is the nickname for the mobile menu. It usually looks like 3 lines stacked on top of each other (hence looking a tiny bit like a burger in a bun – if you squint really hard and are craving burgers!).

    @Kay: Thanks for the update; I will double-check Farro when I get a chance.

  86. You have a terrific site here, I find it very useful and I have shared it with friends. When will you update it? I’m interested in seeing what you think of all of the updates on SS… Thanks in advance!

  87. This is amazing! Thank you so much. Definitely worth buying you a cup of coffee 😉

    Quick question – any way to put a folder in a folder? I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure this out? Any advice/tips?

  88. You are a wonder! Thank you so much for pulling together this great resource.
    Would you have advice about embedding a video? I really want it to run automatically on the home page, but it appears that is not available with sound in any of the templates. If any templates handle video better than others, would you consider adding that to your amazing chart?
    Thank you!

  89. David

    I love the Brine template but don’t have access to it. They have a lot of other templates in that family: Brine, Clay, Feed, Foster, Greenwich, Hatch, Heights, Hunter, Hyde, Jaunt, Juke, Keene, Marta, Mercer, Mojave, Motto, Nueva, Rally, Rover, Sonora, and Thorne are in the same template family.

    I have access to a few of these. Is there any issue with choosing one of the others (i.e., is anything unavailable to me if I choose one). I don’t mind putting in the work to make it look how I want, but I don’t want to be restricted if I believe they are all in the same family.

  90. I am looking for a template with a sidebar. According to squarespace most of their templates don’t have a sidebar. For example they say Farro does not have a sidebar, but you say it does. I am using a template in my trial right now and don’t see how to access the sidebar. Can you point me in the right direction? For Farro?

  91. @Rachel: Thanks for pointing out the error – you’re correct that Farro doesn’t have sidebars. I will amend this page accordingly to avoid future confusion.

  92. This is a helpful comparison yet I’m wanting to see some SEO related theme comparisons. Have you or do you know of others who has done such a thing? Like which theme add the author tag, publisher, date modified, and date published tags? I like the theme I’m using but these tags are not added (nor can I do that manurally) on blog posts which will lead to Google and other search engines not indexing those important tags, which to me are far more important than sidebars and such. Anyhow, do you have any guidance on which themes do a better job of using meta tags and such Thank you

  93. Hi,

    I’ve just built a squarespace site on the template “Ready” which it lists as an option for business services. I don’t see it listed in your comparison above.
    Should I be worried? Should I actually launch it?

  94. @Mick – Ready is one of the Skye family, brand new. So you should not be worried… in fact, you should not be worried even if you are using an old, retired template. Squarespace will allow you to keep using older templates indefinitely, and they are still supported, just not actively developed. Unlike WordPress themes, which as soon as they are old, very often stop working on the later versions of the platform.

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