8 days to a new website for a great cause: treating Alzheimer’s disease


I seem to be doing a lot of Squarespace sites these days; in fact, yesterday we launched another one: www.cytoxgroup.com I'm quite excited to be working with this client, as they are doing some really mindblowing work on Alzheimer's disease. They have discovered some rather groovy things about brain cells and the cell cycle, and are working on ways of diagnosing and treating this disease BEFORE the symptoms start showing. Wow. How cool is that?

The website is chock full of science-y things I don't quite understand, but I know they are lovely people doing great work at the cutting edge of their industry. It's been another quick-turnaround project for me, with the whole thing being built and populated within about 8 working days. Once again, like my Festinho clients, they already had a website but couldn't make changes, and they really wanted to be able to control the content themselves. They liked the sound of Squarespace and the speed at which I could translate their existing site into the Squarespace system, so whizz-bang* and we were done. I quite like doing these quick problem-solver projects, as both the client and I get nearly instant gratification in seeing the results.

We're hoping to work together on another new site in future, as well as some rebranding, but for now I'm pleased as punch to be helping these guys get their message out online.

* Not the official technical term for design, build and content population of a website... but seems to be my slogan of the moment :-)