LessAccounting = less invoicing... if you are a Mac user

errorJust a little update on my online accounting service trials. So far, I have been quite pleased with Freshbooks, but today I came across a huge hurdle when it comes to LessAccounting: I cannot create invoices on a Mac. Actually, that's not entirely true: I can create blank invoices, but I can't add any invoice items. There seems to be a JS bug/error in the code for the "Add invoice line item" tool on LessAccounting that means the items are not saved on Mac OSX10.4 in either Safari or Firefox. So I guess in effect it is less accounting - because you can't issue any invoices! Not quite the effect I was aiming for. Here's hoping that the issue is resolved soon.

UPDATE: The lovely people at LessAccounting responded to my support request within 30minutes, and it turns out I was doing it wrong. All works fine and dandy... just remember not to enter a £ in the amount for invoicing!