Saving ££ for a new small business client

The latest launch in my increasingly long string of Squarespace websites is - a wedding photography website. In this case, the client already had a website that was built years ago, and it really needed a fresh look. But the real frustration for the client was having to go through a middle-man to update his online portfolio. As a sole trader working in the current financial climate, he also needed to save money wherever possible, and it just didn't make financial sense to have to pay someone every time he wanted to add a new photo or update his photography packages. The great news for him is that Squarespace costs about the same as web hosting alone, and once the initial design/build is out of the way, there are no additional costs for him moving forward. Now he can update the site whenever he wants - without having to worry about whether adding or changing something will affect the bottom line.

As usual, Squarespace's easy-to-use interface was a big hit, especially for this client who didn't want to have to learn anything complicated just to change a word or photo here & there. And the really fantastic news is that Squarespace's search-engine-friendly design (and my advice on SEO) means that he's already seen an increase in enquiries coming via Google, so I reckon the project will more than pay for itself in the first booking alone. Anything I can do to boost the business prospects for small businesses really makes me smile, so I am thrilled with the results on this one so far... and so is the client, which is nice. In fact, he liked the web designs so much, I have also designed business cards and stationery to match the shiny new look. So a big 'yay' all around I think!