Building a website in a matter of hours

Festinho websiteWhen the lovely people at Festinho got in touch, they needed to get a website live within a few days. Their existing site had been mostly designed and built already, but because it was created as a static HTML site, they couldn't edit the content themselves. And before the site could go live, they needed to make some content changes. As Festinho is a charity festival, they rely on volunteers to do everything, so they needed something that key volunteers could access and edit easily without much training, so they didn't need to rely on others or pay someone to edit things for them. It's a great cause, so I was happy to help out, and because Squarespace makes it so easy to design, build, and edit a website, it seemed the right tool to use. They already had a visual design, so I was able to translate this into a working 'empty shell' website in the Squarespace content management system within 24 hours. Within 96 hours, they had a fully-functioning website with all 43 pages of content in place, including blog, photo galleries, and contact form. Within 98 hours they had been trained on how to edit the site through the simple Squarespace CMS.

We're still finetuning a few things, but the great news is that we were able to launch before their deadline - how often does that happen, especially when the deadline is less than a week?! Have a look at and while you're there, why not get yourself a ticket to the festival? It's a magical weekend in the countryside, with all proceeds going to support Brazil's needy children.