Getting Flashy with it

Phil BourneLast week marked the launch of my latest client sites, and - 2 photography websites created on Squarespace. The client wanted to be able to easily update the websites with content, both in terms of text and also in the photo galleries, as well as having the option of a private client login area. As the client is great with photographic skills but otherwise a non-techie, Squarespace seemed the best choice for these projects, due to the easy interface. e-motion imagesI also brushed up my Flash and XML skills for these projects, including Flash animation galleries on the site homepages that can be updated by the client without any additional coding needed. I love the fact that XML has made things like this possible... gone are the days of hard-coding everything into Flash and having to re-bake the whole thing anytime a small change was needed. Using the Flash/XML and Squarespace combo means my clients can keep their sites looking and sounding fresh without having to spend loads of time learning (and probably shouting at the computer!), or paying someone to do it for them. And for creative clients, this means more time and resource for them to be creative, which has got to be a good thing.

In addition to the web design & build, I also worked with Phil on the visual identity for his brand, and we're both really pleased with the grungy, but still polished look (if there can be such a thing!). I think it really captures the essence of his work, which is edgy and slightly 'moody' and youthful.