Getting all emotional over Goodness 2.0

My personal favourite moments from NMK's Goodness 2.0 event, written for the NESTA blogs. Goodness 2.0 was all about how charities, non-profits and NGOs can make use of 2.0 tools and techniques. My main take-away from the event was about the power of the social web to share with the world some truly amazing stories, like the one about a violinist who wanted to give directly to the people who needed it most, rather than giving indirectly through a charity (links below). It moved me to tears.

... there was one big takeaway for me: Steven Buckley's intro with the water buffalo story. Check the NMK blog for details, or watch the video yourself...

I love stories like the water buffalo story. It's things like this and the Free Hugs movie that make all this social web stuff worthwhile.

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