Web 2.0: solving the little problems

A post I wrote following up on the Wobble 2.0 event, hosted over at the NESTA blogs. It's about the fact that I don't think Web 2.0 is necessarily about solving the big problems of the world, but instead solving the little problems that make you think "There must be a better/easier way of doing this".

Andrew [Orlowski from The Register] stated that the big returns on investment would come from 'solving the big problems of the world', and that Web 2.0 was never going to do that. I take his point, but who ever said that Web 2.0 was meant to be about solving major problems? In my mind, most of the 'web as platform' side of Web 2.0 is about solving small problems...

... So much of what we think of as innovation is about simply tackling an old problem in a new way; the Dyson, long touted as a leading example of innovation, is a pretty straightforward exemplification of 'building a better mousetrap'. That's what I think Web 2.0 does.

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