Squarespace Cover Page Comparison Charts


Get help choosing the right Cover Page layout for your Squarespace website

Understand the differences between all 28 Cover Page templates

You asked for it, and now it's here: a comparison of the different features of all 28 Squarespace Cover Page layouts (aka templates). Whether you are building a single-page site, or you're considering using Cover Pages within your larger Squarespace website, the charts will help you decide which Cover Page layout is right for your needs.

There's a comparison grid for each of the main types of Cover Page, from the basic pages that just feature a large background image & short text, to the rich media layouts that allow you to have audio or video files, to the map and the new Twitter layout, I've got them all covered (no pun intended!). I've split them into two pages here:

Basic Cover Page layout comparison charts >>

(all standard text + image layouts)

Media Cover Page layout comparison charts >>

(includes audio, video, map & Twitter)

Cover Pages are more versatile than you think

Although most people think Cover Pages are only useful for simple purposes, such as an online business card, a 'Coming Soon' holding page, or a short-lived campaign such as an album launch, you can actually use them for a lot more. Most people never think of using them within a normal Squarespace website as an inner page, but why not? They give really powerful visual impact, and you can mix them up and use as many different layouts as you like, without needing to switch or tinker with the design of your main site template.

Need a bunch of staff profile pages? Try Monocle. Want to drive downloads of your white papers? Backstory is perfect for that. Want a full-screen portfolio - without needing to switch to or use a different template for your whole Squarespace site? Portrait might be the answer you're looking for. Want to show a full-screen video, without your site's navigation and header/footer cluttering the view? Go for Projector. There are TONS more ideas, too. Feel free to ask or leave your own in the comments!

If I've piqued your interest and you want to see all the Cover Page designs in one place, along with the pros/cons and more ideas of how to use them, check out my earlier post: Squarespace Cover Pages and how to use them.