My Squarespace book - available for pre-order

I've been writing a book about building websites using Squarespace for the better part of this year, and it's coming out very soon. You can get it on pre-order now, and as it's part of a Read-As-we-Write (RAW) scheme, you can actually download chapters as they become available, so you get a head start on the book and also get it cheaper. Building Business Websites with Squarespaceis available as a printed book and e-book, so you can choose your favourite format, whether you like to read on your Kindle or iPad, or you're one of us old-school paper book folks (I still like mine on paper, especially technical guides).

I've put a lot of research into this book, as it covers not only the steps you need to take in order to build your website, but it also includes nuggets of business advice that I have gathered over 17 years of working with websites. Everything from how to structure a website, plan a web project, write for search engines (and humans!), where to get great images, my fave online tools and tricks of the trade - it's all in there.

So if you've been thinking about building your own site on Squarespace, or you've started and gotten stuck, or you're a Squarespace 5 user who wants to learn about Squarespace 6, head over to the Packt website where you can get the book and use my head to help with your project.

Check out Miko's Squarespace book