Squarespace site makeover, with added funk


My latest Squarespace website project was a site makeover for nu funk record label Boogie Boutique. Having already created and managed their website with the Squarespace platform, they wanted me to give the site a fresh new look with a bit more polish and design flair than their existing site had. My job was to bring to light the great content (photos, audio tracks) that they already had, and to create a framework which they could easily work with moving forward. They also wanted to integrate Facebook like buttons, embedded audio and video players, and generally smarten things up with a bit of subtle animation/movement. Before & after screenshots are below...

Before: their old homepage


After: new homepage - the fruits of our labour (click to check out the live version with subtle animation - hover over the boxes on their homepage)

The only real struggle was getting Squarespace to play nicely with some of the more advanced additions such as the fancy Jquery sliders. We had to do some workarounds, but the overall result still looks good. I am really looking forward to the release of Squarespace Version 6 - which apparently is coming very soon - as I hope that the new version will have addressed some of the current system's limitations and make it even easier to create professional-looking, easy-to-use websites in future.

If you’re like the Boogie Boutique guys – finding it hard to make Squarespace look pretty, or stuck with a boring cookie-cutter template – drop me a line and I’d be happy to work with you to help improve your site’s look and/or user-friendliness.