Follow-up & notes from WIP blogging event


Tonight I had the pleasure of speaking at this month's Women in Publishing event, sharing my experience and advice on blogging. I was also lucky enough to meet and sit alongside a proper blogging celebrity, Nadine Jolie, who had quite a glamorous and exciting story to share about how she got into blogging and how it changed her life.  Have a read of her bio and you'll get a glimpse into her experience as a blogger - if not into the amazing back-story about how her confidential beauty blog lost her 2 jobs but gained her 2 book deals and a career as a pro blogger. Nadine shared her own experiences and advice on how to find your voice, what to write about, what success looks like and more. And she looked fabulous too - she must be taking her own beauty advice ;-) As for me, I stuck to what I know best, which is giving advice and coaching people on getting started in blogging, particularly from a business perspective. I thought it might be useful to point people at my series of How to start blogging posts, so here goes:

How to start blogging at work - Part 1 This covers what to think about and do before you even set up a blogging account/tool

How to start blogging at work - Part 2 This post includes getting internal approval/buy-in and creating your first posts

How to start blogging at work - Part 3 This post gives some tips and advice on how to keep the momentum going, writing tips, and tools to make the whole process easier