Did you spend $860,000 on your intranet?!?

Well someone did: 860k-intranet

This is my personal favourite intranet secret. You see, those lovely peeps at ThoughtFarmer have created a new blog called Intranet Secrets, where you can anonymously post your deepest, darkest secrets about your company's intranet. I have posted one of my own... but I'm not telling you which one is mine! If your company has done something silly, useless or downright stupid with your intranet, why not get it off your chest. You will feel better knowing others can finally point and laugh along with you.

Random Disclaimer: I'm not paid by or associated with ThoughtFarmer, but I sure do recommend their product, having used it myself twice, both as a client and as a consultant. It's pretty freaking awesome, if I do say so myself.