New WordPress theme: CapitalBlue


I have just finished customising a lovely clean, simple and easy-to-read WordPress theme for a new client, Capital Fire and Security. I like the clean lines and the way the blue and white make the photos really pop off the page. This project was another collaboration with the rather wonderful Katrina Dixon a.k.a. The Marketing Lady, who is a real pleasure to work with. Although this was primarily a design & build project for me, I thought I would help out the client with a few SEO tips during the training session. WordPress has a few good SEO features built-in (or via plugins), but the best SEO always boils down to content, content, content. I think both the client and Katrina were pleased with the results, and I can already see that they are using the blog on their site well, filling it with really useful news articles relevant to their clients. So I can finally stop bugfixing and working around crazy IE6 hacks just in time for Christmas. Hooray!