Using Squarespace’s blogging function as a job listings board


I'm back in the UK after my long trip back to the States, and while I was away, my latest Squarespace site went live: IT recruitment and consulting service provider Populo. This time I had the pleasure of working with Katrina Dixon, aka The Marketing Lady, who is working with Populo on their marketing. It was great to have a partner on the project, and I think the results are a polished site that promotes and explains Populo's offering in a really appealing and engaging way. I hope I have the opportunity to work with other marketeers this way in future. This project was particularly interesting for me because the client wanted to use Squarespace in a somewhat unconventional way: the blogging functionality has been adapted to act as a job listing tool. While it may not provide all the bells and whistles of a fully-featured job engine, it certainly does what it needs to, and demonstrates that with a little creative thinking, web platforms such as Squarespace or Wordpress can be adapted to work for almost any type of business or website.

Blogging functionality can be used to house any information that needs to be presented chronologically and/or categorised, whether it's news, events, job postings, recipes or properties for sale - yet the word 'blog' has very specific connotations to most non-web-techies. I often wonder if there needs to be a rebrand of products such as Squarespace and WordPress, who are known primarily as 'blogging' platforms, because it's sometimes difficult to get past the associations with this word when recommending these products to clients. Maybe in future there will be some clever term that sums up the capabilities of blog tools without the baggage of that word.