The tenets of innovation

Because NESTA is all about innovation, I do a lot of reading about the topic. I recently read Suw Charman's post about the sources of innovation, and republished/summarised the key takeaways on my work blog:

Innovation does not have a can be a small change that helps solve a big problem.

Innovation is not in a vacuum, and anyone might have a solution, including young people and customers.

Innovation will succeed in business when the business accepts innovation as part of their corporate culture.

It's important to stay connected to technology and what's going on in the outside world and new media if we want to really be innovative.

And finally, "Innovation is not a buzzword to be repeated in meetings, it's an action, a culture, a day-to-day activity."

I had my own additions and amendments to these, which you can find over here on the Making Innovation Flourish blog >>