My Squarespace 7 book - coming out in 2015

Miko Coffey's Squarespace book
Miko Coffey's Squarespace book

As you may or may not know, I have been working on a book called Building Business Websites with Squarespace, which was originally due to come out in October of this year. In what I can only describe as the worst timing ever, Squarespace released a major interface upgrade to Squarespace Version 7 - literally 3 days before the book was due to go to the printers. You can't imagine what a blow this was to me. As Squarespace is a cloud-based web-app, it meant that the book was obsolete, and could not be printed.

Many swear words and frustrated head-shakes later, I started the rewrites and we are now hoping to publish the revised book in early spring 2015 the book is out now. It's taking a huge amount of reworking, as the new Squarespace 7 interface is completely different from Squarespace 6. Every single screenshot has to be redone, and most of the steps on how to do things have to be rewritten. I'll still be rewriting over Christmas and into January, but I will post a follow-up as soon as I have a firm publication date from the publisher.

The good news is that Squarespace 7 is even more awesome than Squarespace 6, as it sees a return to the old way of editing pages directly from the page itself, without having to go into an 'admin' area. You click on an Edit button, just like you used to do way back in Squarespace 5. It looks like the folks at Squarespace listened to the feedback from their users, and have returned to the more intuitive way of doing things. So now you have all the power and flexibility of version 6, with the ease and intuitiveness of version 5, resulting in Squarespace 7 being a really great web builder app.

So, although I'm a bit annoyed about the delay to the book, I am pleased that the book will now be about a version that is bang up-to-date, and with any luck, it will be one of the first Squarespace 7 books to hit the shelves.

UPDATE: The book is now on sale, via the PACKT website (ships globally) or through your local Amazon.

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