Corporate Blogging for Dummies

Well I guess it was only a matter of time: the 'for Dummies' series of books have just added Corporate Blogging for Dummies to their arsenal of practical how-to books for business. Douglas Karr from the Marketing Tech blog is one of the authors, and if the blog is anything to go by, I am sure this book will be chock full of really useful and implementable tips. Currently only available in the USA, it releases here in the UK on the 19th - and Amazon are already taking pre-orders, so get in there! The really great thing is that Douglas and Chantelle (co-author) have set up a microsite to accompany the book. One of the most useful things on the microsite is the list of good corporate blogs, which is a great place to start reading if you are thinking of blogging for business. I always recommend that people start by reading blogs relevant to their industry BEFORE they ever even consider starting a blog, so this list is sure to have something relevant to you, as it's quite a comprehensive list (I've bookmarked it already myself).

There's also a wealth of good info on the Marketing Tech blog, so have a looksie at their b2b blogging posts... and here's a couple of my own posts from the archive which might be of interest, too:

Happy blogging!