5 months in: SEO results for travel site

Last autumn, I worked with a client on an SEO audit & implementation plan for their website. They operate in the hyper-competitive travel industry, where appearing high in search results is absolutely critical to their bottom line. They aren't one of the big players, so they don't have the big budgets to compete on things like pay-per-click, so developing an organic search optimisation plan that they could implement and manage in-house was the best approach. After auditing the site's current status, benchmarking it, comparing to their main competitors, and developing a plan for improvement, it has been fairly quiet over the last few months as they simply got on with making the changes.

I was thrilled to get an email this week indicating the first fruits of our labour: a nearly 15% increase in traffic from Google, and a whopping 31% increase in visits to the pages that we targeted as priorities for first-stage optimisation. This is only 5 months in, and there are still other improvements in the pipeline. But it sure does feel nice to have happy clients... and more importantly, happy customers who are finally able to find their site much easier than before.