Montauk Squarespace Template Analysis


Helpful notes on the distinctive features of the Montauk family of templates

Updated March 2018

Template Name: Montauk family

Includes: Kent, Julia and Om templates

Montauk was first launched with Squarespace 6, and has since proved so popular that Squarespace has developed several of variants of this template: Kent, Julia and Om. The variants of Montauk are really clones, meaning that they have exactly the same set of features/controls as the original. It seems that the main reason the variants were created was to demonstrate to customers different ways the template could be used for different types of business/website.

Why choose Montauk instead of Om / Julia / Kent (or vice versa)?

The only reason to choose one of the Montauk variants is because the look and content of that variant’s demo site is more closely aligned to what you want on your site. As there are no differences in the features offered in any of the Montauk family variants, the only benefit would be that you have fewer things to adjust in order to get your site looking like you want.

For example, the Om template has a Classes page that has a complex layout and a lot of pop-up forms on it. If you want to have something like this on your site, then it may be worth using Om instead of Montauk, because you will be able to use that page as a starting point. The Om demo site also has an Events Page (see the Workshops page on the demo site), so if you are considering Om or Montauk or Julia, be sure to have a look at that page so you can see how this template family presents Events pages.

If you’re thinking of using one of the Montauk family, be sure to check out the different styles and content on each of their demo sites before choosing your final template.

Lastly and most importantly, be sure to read my Squarespace Template Bible for further detail on what templates do and don't control - and how to avoid the single biggest mistake people make when choosing a Squarespace template.

Strong Point / Best For… Portfolios, online shops and businesses that want to feature contact information prominently in a light, airy design
Design Notes Floating canvas with optional border on edge and lots of padding. Large style controls.
Homepage Standard.
Index Page YES, any page type (Galleries or Pages). Presented as a custom thumbnail gallery with many customizable options. Each gallery opens above grid, with navigation controls to move to next page.
Sidebars 1 sidebar, blog only. Choose left, right or hidden.
Header Main horizontal nav at top, with lots of white space around. Contact info, tagline or custom text can appear in header above navigation.
Header Images (Banners) YES - can set per page, but not Products or Gallery. Large size, cannot adjust. Appears below navbar with padding, can have page title & description floating on top of the image.
Main Navigation Horizontal or vertical in top navbar.
Fixed Navbar? NO
Other Navigation NONE
Social Icons Bottom right in "Info Footer", or hidden. Change icon color, size, and style.
Footer 2 footers: Info Footer that has social icons on right and anything else you like on left, and standard footer below this.
Page Titles & Descriptions YES - can hide title but not description. Shows in a faux sidebar on Gallery pages; otherwise shows floating on banner image (if set) or plain background if no image.
Gallery Design Grid only, in vertical scroller.
Gallery Display Grid shows as large single column vertical scroll, with faux sidebar on left or right with page title and description. Image descriptions show below each image. Does not show header image, even if set.
Blog Notes Full text of blog posts show in blog home.
Promoted Blocks? NO
Products Notes Does not show page title, description or header image, even if set.
Other Features / Notes Thick, thin or no bage borders. The only difference between this and Hudson is that this canvas floats and Hudson is full height, and this template can have vertical nav.
Basically identical to… Julia, Om, Kent (these are variants of Montauk)
Similar to… Aviator, Native

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