If you've read my About page, you'll know that I'm a little bit different - in a good way, I like to think! I thought it might be useful for you to see what the "Miko difference" is when it comes to the skills I bring to the table...

I'm a hybrid.

Once I learn something, I like to keep those skills sharp, so I'm not your typical web designer/developer, I'm not your typical content marketer, and I'm not your typical digital strategist. I'm more like a combination of all three. So when you hire me for one, you get the benefit of the others. This usually means you get more bang for your buck than you might have expected - and I will try my best to ensure that you do.

I speak geek - and can translate, too.

I regularly work with code and technical people, as well as with business owners, marketers and senior executives, which enables me to translate from geek to business-speak and back again – and to understand both perspectives. I've been told this is one of my biggest assets, and it certainly comes in handy on nearly all projects, especially when it comes to training. It's one of the biggest compliments I get on my book - that it translates complex and technical concepts into language that non-technical people can easily grasp.

I've been around the block (more than a few times).

Over the years, I have done everything from creating websites, planning social media strategies, procuring content management systems, developing business cases, building web teams, running online PR and e-mail marketing campaigns - to more abstract work such as influencing senior management to engage in social media, and coaching people with great ideas to shed their fears and share them online.

I have worked with small teams, large teams, cross-departmental groups and external suppliers, in small companies, public sector bodies, digital agencies, global corporates and international charities. For the last 5 years, my focus has been mostly on SMEs, startups and small charities.

While this makes it hard for me to narrow things down to one area of expertise, the benefit is that I understand the pain points of people up and down the chain, and can successfully negotiate complex internal relationships and organisational cultures.

What this means for you...

The net effect of such a wide range of experience is that I have been exposed to most kinds of web-related issues, have gained a solid understanding of what it takes to be successful online, and can adapt to fit most digital project needs.

Through all this, my underlying approach to every situation is:

  • Understand what you're trying to achieve, and in what context
  • Draw on my experience to cherry-pick the best method of delivering this
  • Put together a plan of how to do it, measure it and analyse it
  • Execute the plan effectively and efficiently.

I do this with enthusiasm, and clear, open communication.

Like the sound of it?

If you like what you've been reading on this page, please contact me to discuss your project and how I can help you do things better online.