The total price of the project depends on the amount of design work that you need, the size of your website, and any additional services that you require such as advice on how to structure your site and content, SEO copywriting or a temporary "Coming Soon" page. The base price for a small website of up to five pages is shown with two design options: Basic Design and Enhanced Design. Once you choose which design is right for you, optional extras such as adding more pages are listed at the bottom of the page on an "a la carte" menu.

Basic Design Option

Up to 5 pages
Clean, minimal design

This option is best if you:

  • Don't need a highly detailed design with lots of flourishes - just something modern, polished and professional, or
  • Already have a specific Squarespace template in mind that you want to match closely, or
  • Want to use your products/images as the main design element, so the rest of the design should take a back seat to let the imagery shine through.

Turnaround time: Within 2-3 weeks from start date (when you send me all required materials). Lead time: Normally 3-4 weeks. 

Enhanced Design Option

Up to 5 pages
Tailored design with bells & whistles

This option is best if you:

  • Need a finely crafted, highly tailored design that will elevate your brand and stand out from the competition, or
  • Want to explore several design routes before choosing the best approach for your website, or
  • Need someone with a keen design eye to source great imagery that integrates with the design and resonates with your audience

Turnaround time: Within 4-5 weeks from start date (when you send me all required materials). Lead time: Normally 3-4 weeks. 

What's Included

You get a gorgeous website, training on how to manage it, and I'll take care of all the technical stuff like domains, image formatting and SEO basics.The base project price assumes that you will provide all branding and text (and images if Basic Design). If you need help with your text or images, I'd be happy to work with you on that - see the Optional Extras section.

What's included in the Basic Design Option?

  • Expert advice throughout the project, including best use of Squarespace layout elements and other features in order to communicate with your target audience in the optimal manner
  • Website prep kit for you/your team: guidelines, instructions and templates you can use to gather your content & materials
  • Proper setup of your Squarespace 7 account, including basic SEO setup, geographic settings (timezones, etc) and other administrative elements
  • Up to 5 web pages, including any of the non-Commerce Squarespace page types (standard web page, blog, events, gallery or scrolling index page made up of multiple horizontal sections)
  • Use of any standard Squarespace content/functionality blocks, such as text, images, forms, video, galleries, maps, audio
  • Best practice image optimisation for your photos, so your site loads quickly and looks great on all types of devices
  • Connection to your Mailchimp, OpenTable or AcuityScheduling account to use the Squarespace integration
  • Design of a custom social sharing image and browser icon based on your logo/branding
  • Connection to social media accounts, to display links/icons and/or feeds
  • Up to 1.5 hours personalised training at my London office, via screenshare/videoconference, or through a set of tailored videos that you can refer back to in future
  • Domain mapping (pointing) of 1 domain to your new website
  • 20% discount on your Squarespace subscription (available for new accounts only)

What's included in the Enhanced Design Option?

Everything from the Basic Design Option, plus:

  • Design exploration of different templates, layouts and other visual elements, allowing you to see variations before deciding on the best route.
  • Image research and simple retouching of up to 5 photographs.
  • Up to 2 elements of custom coding such as custom icon bullets, a "back to top" arrow or expandable/collapsible content accordions like those used on this page.

The Process

The design process is different for the Basic Design and Enhanced Design Options. Otherwise, the last part of the process is the same. If you have more than 5 pages and want to help keep costs down, you may choose to have the training earlier rather than later in the process, enabling you to create some of your web pages, using the pages that I create as a starting point.

Basic Design Process

  • Consultation Stage: Through an email/phone/Skype consultation, we will discuss your sample websites and my recommended Squarespace template options, along with details of how each could be customised to match your brand. We will also discuss things like buttons, colours and other style choices.
  • Design Stage 1: I'll choose the best template for your project and create a working prototype website with your branding applied (usually homepage and one inner page). You will feed back about any adjustments that may be desired.
  • Design Stage 2: I'll apply the adjustments based on the previous stage feedback, often also building additional key page(s) at this stage so you can see how the design will work on other important pages on your website. You will sign off the design (template & aesthetics) at this stage.

Enhanced Design Process

  • Consultation Stage: Through an email/phone/Skype consultation, we will discuss the brief, your audience, goals and sample websites.
  • Design Stage 1: I will design and present to you 3 homepage mockups, each following a different design and visual route (and possibly different Squarespace templates), to act as a springboard for the next stage(s). You will feed back about any adjustments that may be desired.
  • Design Stage 2: I will present a working prototype based on one (or a combination) of the initial mockups and your feedback. The prototype will include the homepage and at least 1 inner page (usually 1-2 key pages). You will review this and provide feedback on any aesthetic changes.
  • Design Stage 3: Minor tweaks/adjustments will be applied to the prototype, including any custom coded features, before the design (template & aesthetics) are signed off.

The Rest of the Process

  • Final Build: Any remaining pages will be built (by me, you, or a combination) and you'll review these before signing them off. See Training section below.
  • Testing: We'll test any forms, downloads, or other functionality on the website.
  • Pre-Launch: You'll set up payment for your Squarespace account (if you don't have one already) and supply any info about domain names or redirects (if you have an existing website).
  • Launch: I will point the domain and/or remove any password protection from the site, then it's time to break out the bubbly!
  • Training: This can take place either before or after launch. Some clients like to have it beforehand, if they plan to create any pages themselves. Creating your own pages can be a good way to save money and get familiar with the system while I'm on hand for questions.

Optional Extras

Not sure where to start, or need help figuring out what pages / content you need?

User Experience Consultation: £250
Tap into my 17+ years' experience with websites and let me help you formulate the right site structure and content formats for communicating with your target audience. You'll provide notes on your website audience & goals, along with some notes on what you think you might need, and I'll recommend a site navigation and instructions for what each page should include.

Need more than 5 pages?

Additional Pages: usually £50 - £100 per page
The price depends on the nature of the web page: £50 for simple page layouts, £100 for long scrolling pages or complex layouts. Large data tables (such as comparison charts) may be more - I can give you a price when you share the raw materials. Includes 2 rounds of edits.

Is your website brand new?

New Site Launch Booster: £75
I'll submit your website to Google and Bing, and set up a Google My Business page for you.

Are you migrating/redesiging an existing website?

Existing Site Redirects: £75
I'll map all the old web addresses on your old website to your new web pages so you don't lose any traffic or Google profile when you switch. Price includes mapping up to 10 old site pages (ask for a price if your existing site contains lots of pages).

Migration from WordPress: £150
I'll transfer your existing WordPress content into your Squarespace site. Bear in mind there will likely be some tidy-up required, and in some cases, not everything transfers across (ask for details).

Do you need help writing / optimising your website for search engines (SEO)?

SEO Audit & Improve: £250 (for up to 5 pages)
I'll review and update your text content, optimising it for search engines (and humans!), putting the right keywords in all the right places on your web pages (including the places in Squarespace you might now know about).

Need help with images?

Artworking/Retouching: £75 per hour, pro rata PAYG by the minute
I'm a whiz with Photoshop and I can make composites, remove unwanted elements or recolour objects to match your brand and audience. I can also help source fantastic images that will make your site stand out from the crowd.

Want to have a "Coming Soon" page until your main site is ready?

Temporary Holding Page: £150
I'll create a "Coming Soon" page that matches your brand & links to a map or form, so you have some web presence while we build your main site. Includes 2 rounds of edits.

Planning to sell products or services online with e-Commerce?

E-Commerce Configuration: £500
I'll set up 5 products/services, configure the Squarespace Commerce system, and train you on everything you need to know, including managing orders, refunds and inventory, plus all the admin elements such as connecting to your payment provider, setting up tax and shipping options. Additional products £50 per product (price does not include setting custom data capture forms for purchases).

Other services such as custom coding, design of email campaign templates, styling of third-party tools and more priced on request.


Terms: Prices shown are exclusive of VAT (VAT of 20% will be added for UK clients).
Payment: 50% deposit upfront, 50% upon completion. Full terms and conditions will be included in our contract.