Supply Squarespace Template Analysis


Helpful notes on the distinctive features of the Supply template

Updated March 2018

Template Name: Supply

Supply was first released on the Squarespace 6 platform (we're now on version 7), back in 2013. As such, it's one of the older templates, but it's an interesting case study of template evolution. You see, back on Squarespace 6 and the early days of Squarespace 7, every template was totally unique... and in fact, many were developed by completely different people, meaning there was often no continuity between naming of elements from one template to another. Thankfully, there's more consistency now, and another change is that Squarespace have decided to focus on developing template frameworks (called "families") rather than the one-off, completely unique templates of yesteryear. However, a few of these unique templates still survive, and Supply is one of them, possibly because it is one of the only templates to offer vertical navigation. Instead of retiring this template, Squarespace have chosen to keep it and continue to develop it, positioning it as a Commerce-focused template.

Why choose Supply?

Websites have changed a lot since 2013, especially when it comes to designing with mobiles and tablets in mind. Although the Supply template is fully responsive (meaning it flexes to work on all sizes of device), certain things have moved on, and the newer templates have been created with everything from huge HD screens and mobiles in mind from Day 1. In some ways, this means Supply feels a little behind the times - especially regarding its design approach of squishing everything into columns on the left, with empty space in the canvas on the right (this empty space is HUGE on my large monitor), unless you fill it with a banner image. And the levels of control you have design-wise are absolutely tiny.

The option to use a vertical banner image is unique to Supply, so if you like that, and you like the vertical navigation, then Supply could be the right template for you. However, I would not be surprised if you outgrow it, especially if you have an e-commerce store, as the other more modern templates such as the Brine family offer so much more in terms of customisation.

Lastly and most importantly, before you choose your template, be sure to read my Squarespace Template Bible for further detail on what templates do and don't control - and how to avoid the single biggest mistake people make when choosing a Squarespace template.

Strong Point / Best For… Shops or portfolio sites with many products/projects to show, with mininal design needs.
Design Notes Fixed vertical navbar and full-height canvas, with narrow-ish content area except on Products or Index. Very few style controls.
Homepage Standard.
Index Page Yes, Galleries or Pages. Shows as tiled mosaic grid with padding. Has customizable colors and borders for items.
Sidebars NONE
Header No horizontal header, due to vertical nav. Logo and tagline appear above nav in vertical left bar.
Header Images (Banners) YES - not in header, but as full-page background behind canvas, showing as a right-hand fixed column. Does not show on Products.
Main Navigation Vertical on left side. Folders display as permanently open.
Fixed Navbar? YES - always
Other Navigation ONE: Secondary nav below main nav in left bar. Each nav can be styled differently.
Social Icons Below nav in left bar, or hidden. Can change icon style or color.
Footer Standard, no visual separator or style controls.
Page Titles & Descriptions NO
Gallery Design Grid only, in vertical scroller.
Gallery Display Gallery is full bleed vertical scroller, with Page Title/description showing in fixed right faux sidebar. Images with descriptions show icon that opens popout info panel overlay.
Blog Notes Full text of blog posts show in blog home.
Promoted Blocks? NO
Products Notes Products show as tiled mosaic grid with special background color between. Product item page shows scrolling middle column of photos with product info in fixed right column.
Other Features / Notes
Similar to… Galapagos

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