Marquee Squarespace Template Analysis - discontinued


Notes on the distinctive features of the Marquee template family

This family of templates was discontinued in early 2018

Important Notice: The Marquee template is no longer available – this page is for archive/reference purposes only.

Template Name: Marquee family

The family included Marquee, Adversary, Alex, Eamon, Encore, Ginger, Mint, Shift.

This page has been preserved temporarily as there may still be some Squarespace customers using the Marquee template, who would like to be able to compare their template with the newer templates. The closest match to the Marquee family is the Brine family. In fact, Squarespace added certain features to the Brine family in order to make it possible to retire Marquee while still offering a very similar alternative template. However, not every feature has been ported across to Brine - most notably, the ability to feature a banner image at the top of blog posts. Annoying.

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Strong Point / Best For… Strong visual impact: parallax scrolling design with fullscreen images and floating text.
Design Notes Full-bleed canvas. Medium level style controls.
Homepage Special index collection with fancy scrolling over fullscreen images. Some customizable options.
Index Page YES, only Pages (not Galleries). Has many customizable options.
Sidebars NONE
Header Parallax header image that scrolls at different speed than header text overlays. Can set page titles & descriptions to float over header image.
Header Images (Banners) YES. Can set per page. Cannot control size except on Index pages. Header image scrolls at different speed to page, giving animated 'parallax' effect.
Main Navigation Main horizontal nav at top, above header image. Logo on same line as navbar. Can have secondary nav in footer.
Fixed Navbar? YES - optional
Other Navigation NONE
Social Icons NONE
Footer Large single footer area.
Page Titles & Descriptions YES - can hide title but not description. Can choose alignment and placement floating or below header image.
Gallery Design Grid or slideshow, with adjustable style settings for each.
Gallery Display Slideshow expands to full bleed, filling screen except navbar. Image descriptions show as overlay.
Blog Notes Full text of blog posts show in blog home, unless using excerpts. Can choose Simple or Columns style: if Columns, the layout of the blog home shows a wide strip thumbnail image, and below that the title & meta info in a skinny left column, and main content in a wider column next to it.
Promoted Blocks? NO
Products Notes Large closeup of first product image (or custom thumbnail image, if set) appears full-width in header image space. No "Back to products" link on product item page.
Other Features / Notes Can have transparent top navigation, which makes it float over the header image.
Basically identical to... Adversary, Alex, Shift, Eamon (these three are variants of Marquee)
Similar to… Bedford family, Brine family

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