The website audit service is made up of the following steps:

  1. I review your website & make notes along the way
  2. I'll type up bullet notes & share this document with you
  3. We'll have a call to go through my recommendations. During the call, you can decide whether you want me to do certain things, or whether there are some things you want to learn how to do yourself. In each case, I'll make note of how long I think it will take so you can decide whether/how you want to proceed.
  4. After the call, I'll make any changes we've agreed, and/or we'll have a collaborative session in which I show you how to do things.

I will check the following:

  • Does the site look polished and professional, or does the site need some design tweaks?

  • Does the website flow intuitively? Can people find what they need without confusion?

  • Are your calls to action prominent and clear? Can people easily perform the tasks you want them to? 

  • Is anything missing, or could additional content/pages help get your visitors to convert?

  • Have you put in place the key SEO elements? On every page?

  • Have you missed any tricks in terms of up-selling/cross-selling, or surfacing valuable content?

  • Have you set up everything correctly within the back-end admin panel?

  • Have you covered the legal bases in terms of GDPR and privacy?

How much does it cost?

The service is billable on a PAYG basis, pro rata on my hourly rate of £75/hour, so you only pay for the time it takes. The cost ultimately depends on how big your website is, what shape it's in, and how many of the recommendations you want to carry out. Here are some estimates to help you plan your budget:

  • Small website (5 pages or fewer): 1.5 hours for review & notes, then 1 hour for the call.
  • Medium websites (6-15 pages): 2.5 hours for review & notes, then 1.5 hours for the call.
  • Large websites - please ask for an estimate

The time needed to implement recommended changes and/or train you on how to do them varies from 30mins to 3-4 hours if there's a lot to do (but you'll always know the cost ahead of time so you can decide which elements we do).

Payment terms are 50% of the estimated time for review, notes & call upfront deposit, with the balance of this and anything we've agreed on the call to come after.