GDPR Package

GDPR Package

from 50.00

Let me take the technical headache out of making your website GDPR compliant. I will:

  1. Setup a custom coded cookie alert that's GDPR compliant & matches your website branding (see example pics showing desktop/mobile views)

  2. Add explanatory text and link to your Privacy Policy on your website forms to tell users what you’ll do with their data (max 5 forms)

  3. Turn off the ability to see IP addresses in your Squarespace Analytics

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FOR ONE WEBSITE ONLY. If you have multiple websites, you'll need to purchase multiple packages.

Please note that I will do my best to carry out this work prior to the 25th May deadline (or as close as possible; this depends on how many clients take up this offer). There are a limited number of slots available, and I will do them in the order they are received, so the earlier you order, the more likely to meet the date.

Data Capture Forms

If you have more than 2 data capture forms on your website, there is an additional surcharge (see pricing above). A data capture form could be a Contact Us page, or a newsletter signup, for example.

Privacy/Cookie Policy Page

If you do not already have a Privacy Policy and/or Cookie Policy, I can create a generic placeholder page for you, but you are responsible for editing it and ensuring it is legally compliant. I take no responsibility for the contents of your policies, and I always recommend you consult a legal expert. You can generate one from a template here (basic),  here (more comprehensive) or here (legally checked but not free).

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