Project examples

Mini case studies of my work

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The best way to show you what I do is through example. Here’s a summary of some of my recent projects:

Designing and building a website for a charity – fast

Having just rebranded their charity organisation, this client was in need of a website that reflected their new identity, and that could be easily updated by busy non-technical staff. With their old site hosting due to expire in a few weeks, they needed the site to be live and fully operational within a short timeframe, and on a shoestring budget. I designed, built and populated the site within 3 weeks, and conducted 2 training sessions with staff so they could take over making changes and adding content in future without any extra cost.

Creating a social intranet for a public sector organisation

Tired of having an out-of-date intranet that no-one used, and struggling with a ‘silo-ed’ internal culture, this organisation wanted to embrace a new way of connected working, but didn’t quite know how. What’s more, they needed a solution FAST and had no internal resource to manage the project. So I coordinated the whole thing, from gathering requirements to training. I interviewed staff to find out what they wanted and needed, and reviewed several different off-the-shelf packages to choose the right tool for the job. Then, I acted as liaison between client and final supplier, oversaw the installation, and carried out the training – also acting as back-up administrator for the internal admin until she felt confident taking over.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) audit and training for an international travel organisation

In the super-competitive travel industry, you can’t afford to be low in Google search results. This client wanted to find ways to beat their competitors in the search results and improve their site’s customer experience by carrying out an SEO programme. Having been costed out of using the big SEO agencies – and being turned off by the idea of outsourcing the knowledge – they turned to me to provide a combination of SEO expertise and training. I audited their current website and their main competitors’ sites from an SEO perspective, reporting back with clear action points for them to take to boost their rankings. Then, I trained their staff on how to implement these actions, monitor their results, and create an easy-to-manage plan for SEO.

Developing marketing communications and business tools for a leadership consultancy

Having just formed their new leadership consulting business, this client needed a full range of marketing and communication materials. Although I initially started working with them just on the design and build of their website, I have since advised them on other online tools that can help them save time, manage leads and make working with clients easier. I have also worked with them on some of their offline marketing and communication material, including Powerpoint and Word templates, plus training materials that form a critical part of their work with clients.

SharePoint migration planning for a global logistics company

A large, dispersed company with several thousand employees spread all around the world, this client had been using an older version of Microsoft SharePoint for their global intranet, and they were being encouraged to upgrade to the latest version by their IT department. Rather than jump blindly into this decision, they wanted to understand whether SharePoint really was the best tool for the job moving forward, and sought impartial advice to give them an accurate picture. I helped them identify similar products, interviewed staff from all areas of the business to identify their specific requirements, and carried out thorough product evaluations, involving their IT department and web team to ensure buy-in for the winning solution.

E-mail marketing for a small creative start-up

This client had a small budget, but needed to generate new business fast. We worked together on an ethical e-mail marketing programme to generate and qualify leads. I handled everything from advising on legal issues and email best practice, to designing the email template and checking its compatibility with popular email readers, to training their staff on how to use online tools to send and track their messages.

Online web design tool training for a wine agency

Having had some previous experience building web pages in FrontPage, this client wanted to create a professional-looking website himself, using one of the new breed of web-based design tools. During the course of our 1:1 training, we created a fully-functional site for his wine agency in a matter of just a few hours, and he was equipped with all the skills necessary to expand the site and tweak the design in future.

These are just a few examples of how I could work with you. If you fancy a chat about how you can get your own story here, please get in touch.