Things that make you go “hmmm”

  • Worst websites of 2010: when art goes wrong

    Now that the internet as we know it has been around a while, you’d think that people would have stopped making truly horrible, un-usable, unreadable and downright ridiculous websites. You’d THINK that, but you’d be wrong. The aptly named Webpages That Suck has pulled together their top 25 worst websites of 2010, which is a […]

  • Web design by a 13-year-old in 1996?

    As it’s Friday, here’s a little chuckle to welcome in the weekend: Remember the heady days of the 90s, when everyone suddenly jumped onto this new-fangled internet thing, and created multi-coloured, flashing, clashing web pages that would make your grandmother’s eyeballs fall out? Wish you could relive those days now? Well the good news is […]

  • The tenets of innovation

    Because NESTA is all about innovation, I do a lot of reading about the topic. I recently read Suw Charman’s post about the sources of innovation, and republished/summarised the key takeaways on my work blog: Innovation does not have a size…it can be a small change that helps solve a big problem. Innovation is not […]

  • I need Emotions 2.0

    A little comment I wrote on the NESTA blogs about the constant stream of mixed and confusing messages we are bombarded with these days: Two stories which resonated with me this morning… 1) A colleague forwarded this nugget from popb*tch: An avatar in Second Life has a larger carbon footprint than the average Brazilian 2) […]

  • Social innovation, or gimmick?

    A post for NESTA which comments on the recent political adoption of things like YouTube as a campaigning tool. Today French politics joined the USA in adopting ‘social web’ media as a platform for running political campaigns & debates – only the French are using Second Life instead of YouTube. And here on these shores, […]