• Is Squarespace or WordPress better for design?

    Trying to decide between WordPress and Squarespace, and wondering which is better from a web design perspective? You’re not alone. I recently got a question through my blog from someone asking this very question, and I can understand how you may be confused, especially if you’re not a professional web designer, or you don’t have […]

  • eCommerce Squarespace Site Makeover

    My lovely and incredibly talented client Sarah Louise Dix recently got in touch for a website makeover. She was using Squarespace 5, but wanted to take advantage of all the whizzy features of Squarespace 6, and needed a new look to coincide with the launch of her new ready-made couture furniture. She also needed to […]

  • Responsive Design WordPress Site

    This week I have been upgrading a client’s site to use a responsive design template, in order to make the site mobile- and tablet-friendly. Now that there are so many awesome professional themes out there, I usually spend my time customising one of these instead of building from scratch for clients. This time, I chose […]

  • Giving some ‘zing’ to a Squarespace website

    My lovely and rather clever client Helen from Where There’s Smoke contracted me to help her showcase the work that they do in a fun, engaging way on their website. Rather than just telling in words what they do, how they do it, why and for whom, we worked up a tabbed slideshow which uses […]

  • Worst websites of 2010: when art goes wrong

    Now that the internet as we know it has been around a while, you’d think that people would have stopped making truly horrible, un-usable, unreadable and downright ridiculous websites. You’d THINK that, but you’d be wrong. The aptly named Webpages That Suck has pulled together their top 25 worst websites of 2010, which is a […]

  • Website & communications design package

    One of the things I love the most about my life as a self-employed freelancer is the variety of work I get to do. Having spent most of the last year working with a longstanding client on a large-scale SEO project, it was really rewarding to get to flex my design skills – not only […]

  • Royal Society microsite for Diamond Light Source

    This year Diamond Light Source (the UK’s rather fancy and very shiny synchrotron scientific facility) is exhibiting at The Royal Society’s Summer Science exhibition, and they decided they’d like a microsite to help educate people about the talks they will be giving at the exhibition, as well as keeping the dialogue going with visitors, reporting […]

  • Helping Hackney’s youth stay well online

    My latest website overhaul project is for Hackney’s youth charity, Off Centre. They are a lovely organisation which helps young people who live, work or study in Hackney deal with issues such as violence, depression, neglect, sexual health, family breakdown and all the other things that can have such a huge and lasting impact on […]