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Template Name: Dovetail

This template is no longer available – this is a discontinued template.
Strong Point / Best For…Businesses or blogs that want to feature large hero images.
Design NotesWide column canvas floating above background.
Index PageNO
Sidebars1 sidebar, blog only. Choose left, right or hidden.
HeaderLarge header image below streamlined navbar, or hide header area entirely. Header can be full-width of canvas, or content-width. Choose logo & navigation alignment: both on same line, above header image.
Header Images (Banners)YES – can set per page. Adjustable header image height.
Main NavigationMain horizontal nav at top. Inherits background color from page.
Fixed Navbar?NO
Other NavigationTWO: Horizontal section navbar below header image. Horizontal footer navbar above regular footer. Secondary nav inherits main nav styling.
Social IconsBottom footer above nav, or hidden. Change icon color and size, and choose icon or text display.
Footer2 footers: one with social icons and secondary nav, then normal footer. Footer is centred or split. Can have top border, but background color inherits from canvas.
Page Titles & DescriptionsYES – optional. Can only show both, or none. They appear floating on header image. Can set a background tint for this area if desired.
Gallery DesignGrid or slideshow, with adjustable style settings for each.
Gallery Display
Blog NotesFull text of blog posts show in blog home.
Promoted Blocks?YES
Products NotesProduct list displayed as image grid, with title and price appearing in translucent overlay on hover. Product item page inherits thumbnail header image from main shop page.
Other Features / Notes
Similar to…Bedford, Hudson
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