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Helpful notes on the distinctive features of the Boutique template

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Template Name: Boutique

This template is no longer available – this is a discontinued template.
Strong Point / Best For…Minimalist blogs or small sites without the need for folders in the navigation.
Design NotesFull-bleed canvas with minimal design elements. Medium style controls.
Index PageNO
HeaderSlim and stripped down. Can have social icons and search on same line as navigation. Logo and tagline below. Search opens as overlay.
Header Images (Banners)NONE
Main NavigationHorizontal nav at top. Folder drop-down is also horizontal and overlaps the main nav. You can’t adjust the sizes/padding to fix this bug.
Fixed Navbar?YES – optional.
Other NavigationNONE
Social IconsTop left in main navbar. Can change size, color and style.
FooterStandard. Only padding and top border can be customized.
Page Titles & DescriptionsNO
Gallery DesignGrid or slideshow, with adjustable style settings for each.
Gallery DisplayImage descriptions can show as overlay.
Blog NotesFull text of blog posts show in blog home.
Promoted Blocks?YES – optional. Shows wider than normal content column with stylized caption inset.
Products Notes
Other Features / NotesDrop-down menu for folders is buggy. Horizontal layout of dropdown means you sometimes click on other main nav items instead of drop-down items.
Similar to…Native
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